Labor Savings:
Home dried-in in less than 5 days.
We have identified how each panel goes together and components are marked for ease of assembly.
The builder may use less expensive labor in constructing the house shell.
Carpenters no longer need to waste time sorting through loads of lumber to find quality boards.
Insulated roof panels eliminate typical insulation process.

Material Savings:
Costs estimates are easier and more accurate.
Exposed Douglas Fir rafters and roof panels requires no drywall; just stain and your ceilings are finished.
Reduces typical human error on the job site.
Very little material is wasted.

Overhead Savings:
Reduces costs associated with shorter construction time, making the home more competitively priced.
Construction becomes more feasible year-round, in spite of the weather.

Quality Improvement:
Factory controlled conditions results in consistent fit and finish.
Greatly reduces weather-related problems and damage for materials exposed to elements prior to home being closed in.
Eliminate delays caused by labor shortages, scheduling, or labor that just doesn’t show up.
Eliminates the use of poor quality lumber in your finished product.
Home buyers can move in more quickly.

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