Old Dreams New Idea

Old Dreams New Idea

Traditional log homes require a plethora of maintenance procedures to ensure long-term integrity of the housing structure. When utilizing much more energy efficient structural wall framing with log siding in lieu of traditional whole log you achieve the look and feel of an authentic log exterior at typically much lower overall finish cost while avoiding the structural risks and concern of keeping up with need for vigorous maintenance to insure integrity of house structure. Also, achieving traditional log home tongue & groove wood ceilings with exposed fir beams and rafters is not a problem. This is a sample of our Post & Beam log sided homes.

You may also opt for log corner system to provide you with the complete authentic log home look, all while benefitting from framed structural integrity and energy efficiency of Post & Beam home. Cabin in the Woods log siding Post & Beam homes also offer superior piece of mind regarding insect infestations, wood boring pests, termites and fungal decay, which pose significant threats to traditional log homes.

Interested in energy efficiency? Our Cabin in the Woods Post & Beam homes provide the beauty of optional log siding, combined with high R-value side walls and roof system to meet the more stringent and rigorous local, state and national energy codes for both, in many cases, legal requirements and of course even more important to you the owner, energy efficiency optimization.

We encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience regarding questions and inquiries about our insulated log homes. We can provide additional insight and information regarding features, details and benefits of our log sided Post & Beam homes.

Questions in-general pertaining to any related construction and/or building details always welcome. 301-387-6976 or info@cabininthewoods.uschalet-dormer1.jpg

Making The World a better place, One home at a time

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Making The World a Better Place, One home at a time

Energy efficient choices save families about a third on their energy bill with similar savings of greenhouse gas emissions, without sacrificing features, style, comfort, or quality.

Cabin In The Woods Home system, roof, walls, windows, and doors include modern addressing, and inclusion of today’s high and required energy efficiency standards, this is just another way we pass our savings on to you.

Because our homes are factory-made, measurements are precise. Large pieces fit together like an erector set, whereupon the house is sealed tightly to conserve energy and potentially save a homeowner thousands of dollars every year.

To learn more about what a difference an energy efficient home system can make in your life visit us at:                 www.cabininthewoods.us





To Buy or Build A post and Beam home

To Buy or Build a Home
You’re ready to move. You’re ready to retire. You want to downsize. You want to up-size. You want to relocate. You have spent hours looking at homes on the Internet. You start looking for just the right plan and start talking to builders , but there is still that nagging thought that maybe, just maybe, you should buy a new home instead of build one.

Aside from the fact that there are few, if any, homes on the market in any given area, you may still wonder if it’s an option. Though the dynamic is changing rapidly, for the past few years, it’s been less expensive to buy than to build a new home. Land and home prices were down and there seemed a glut of homes available. Cabin In The Woods always been a small part of a very large market, so while there were a few post and beam homes available, they never quite came down in price like stick-built homes did.
So, let’s think about the differences.
Pros to buying an existing home:
1. You won’t have the aggravation of planning and building your own home.
2. You may save money and time.
3. The site will probably be developed and landscaped.
Pros for designing and building a new home.
1. You’ll plan and build your own home exactly as you want it.
2. You can choose the area, land, and neighborhood that suits you.
3. You can sometimes build smaller since you are designing to fit your own lifestyle.
Sounds like a toss-up, doesn’t it? If you can find the right home in the right place, it’s probably a good bet that you’ll save money buying it instead of building. But if you find a less than perfect house or the right house in the wrong area and you buy it, you’ll never be quite as happy with it as you’d think. And the money you saved might not make up for the difference.
Building a home is not for everyone. It can be tedious and scary. It can be exciting and rewarding. Some people enjoy it so much they want to build another one and others are pleased when the project is completed. So, don’t rule out buying an existing home…and don’t buy if in your heart you really want to build. Just go forward boldly and live well in a Cabin In The Woods home.

Cabin In The Woods Post and Beam Prefabricated Panelized Construction Home Kit is a method of prefabricating a home in a factory setting, where it is then shipped to the job site and placed on a permanent foundation so that it will function and perform with very predictable results.

Americans With Best Credit in Decades Drive the U.S. Economy

Are we there yet? Do we need more time? Is it time to accelerate the economy forward?

According to Bloomberg News :

Americans have made progress putting their finances in order and are ready to borrow again — giving the world’s largest economy another driver of spending and growth.

Credit is thawing gradually for residential mortgages, one reason new-home purchases in June reached the highest level since 2008.

There’s never been a better time to look into building a new home.

To learn if Cabin In the Woods could help build tomorrow’s stronger economy, Visit  https://cabininthewoods.us.

Homeownership Matters to Americans

Americans overwhelmingly believe owning a home is a good financial decision and a majority of renters say homeownership is one of their highest priorities for the future, according to a survey by the National Association of Realtors®. The 2013 National Housing Pulse Survey also found that renters are thinking more about purchasing a home now than in past years, while the number of people who say they prefer to rent has declined.

“Homeownership matters to Americans who consistently realize the many benefits it provides to communities, families and the nation’s economy,” said NAR President Gary Thomas, broker-owner of Evergreen Realty, in Villa Park, Calif. “Due to high housing affordability and today’s interest rates it makes sense for people to consider homeownership over renting. In fact, in many parts of the country it’s cheaper to own a home than to rent one. Therefore, it’s no surprise that renters recognize that owning a home offers tremendous long-term benefits and is an investment in their future.”

If you are thinking of building your new home, we offer help and support throughout the custom Panelized home design and building process, in addition to delivering the highest quality building materials available.

You can hire a carpenter or DO-IT- YOURSELF!

Everything we do is geared to the first time Do-It-Yourselfer. Investing your sweat equity can easily save time and money and instill a sense of pride for your accomplishments.

In other words, we help you achieve a balance between quality, function and price.

We can get started on your Custom Home today. Please call me at (301) 651-6614 or visit our website at



How Rising Mortgage Rates Could Affect The Housing Recovery!


Mortgage interest rates are rising. The 30-year fixed rate mortgage clocked 3.91% in its fifth consecutive weekly gain, according to Freddie Mac, after hitting its highest level in a year last week .

Home buyers are in for a tough time as record low interest rates continue to drive  property values higher.

This is the best time to plan your dream home before is late!

Cabin In The Woods has been well-known for unique modern and contemporary home designs since 1980.  Our client’s homes range in size from small cabin plans under 800 sq. ft. to large luxury homes approaching 7000 sq. ft. They have been built in locations in the US  adaptable to any terrain from valley to mountain, or cold environments, Cabin In The Woods flexible prefabricated  home building system is limited only by one’s imagination.

Cabin In The Woods building system structures supported by our unique Post & Beam structural framework, lends itself to a modern or contemporary architectural style. And because of the flexibility of this building approach, no interior load bearing walls and all interior spaces can potentially have vaulted ceilings, beautiful exposed beams, and walls with generous-sized windows, Cabin In The Woods home’s interiors are naturally open allowing for interior design and décor to meet virtually any style.


Perfect Time to Start the Process of Planning for your New Home

Economy: Best Home Sales in Five Years Signal Building Gain

Now is the perfect time to start the process of planning for your new home.

According to Bloomberg News, sales of new U.S. homes rose in June to the highest level in five years, pointing to gains in residential construction that will support the economic expansion in the second half of the year.

Purchases climbed 8.3 percent to an annualized pace of 497,000 homes, the highest level since May 2008, the Commerce Department said.

“It’s a builder’s market,” said Stuart Hoffman, chief economist at PNC Financial Services Group in Pittsburgh. “The housing market is poised for further gains and is a key component of the U.S. recovery overall.”

If you are thinking of building your new home, now is the time. To learn about innovative building products, visit Cabin In The Woods – a leader in post & beam and panelized construction.chalet-dormer1.jpg

One Step Closer to Energy Efficient Construction

Roofing SystemEnergy efficient homes, like those provided by Cabin In The Woods, save homeowners thousands of dollars in energy costs, and it’s time they get credit for that.

A new Senate bill proposed this month will allow lenders to include projected energy savings when determining the amount of the loan. In addition to giving borrowers larger loans in new purchases and refinancing’s, it could also lower their interest rates.

According to an article in the New York Times, proponents of the bill are hopeful it will pass. Said Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO), consumers should get credit for energy-saving construction materials, which are often “out of sight and out of mind and are not valued.”

Energy can cost a household more than $70,000 over the life of a 30-year loan, according to a statement released by the Senator’s office. Investments in energy efficiency can reduce the average bill by at least 30 percent. This value should translate to a higher purchase price, but often does not.

We, along with the rest of our colleagues in the real estate industry, urge Congress to recognize the benefits of energy-saving construction materials, like Cabin In The Woods Panelized wall and its Energy Efficient Roofing System, and give homeowners and buyers back the credit they deserve.


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