Cabin in the Woods introduces a new opportunity for builders:
The new housing market can be a tough market, with even tougher competition. However, with a quality product such as our “Cabin in the Woods” teamed with your quality workmanship, we can have a leg up on our competition. You can purchase marketing rights for one county or more.

Cabin in the Woods helps the builder in several ways:
Sales Showroom & Training Center
The Cabin in the Woods, Showroom (located in McHenry, Maryland) is a great place to meet or send your customers. While here customers will get excellent assistance while viewing our various models, options & floor plans. While we encourage the purchase of a Model Home of your own, you can always use our Sales Center to make the sale!

Home Design
We provide you with engineering and design blueprints for residential homes, retreat homes, multi-family homes and custom designed projects. The structural engineering and blueprints are supplied with each package.

Marketing Rights
Your agreement gives you marketing rights for your area by county, and you will receive all leads in your area from our Regional Advertising Campaigns.

Eliminate Guessing on the Cost of the Home
First with the exterior package then with the interior package. Our computer software is designed to add / remove popular options instantly providing you with the cost of our package components. You may also use this software to provide your customers with a instant cost estimate of finishing the interior of the package and more.

Receive Professional Assistance:
Along with a great product, you also receive custom sales & marketing support. Cabin in the Woods has many template plans, brochures, advertisements, signs, home show exhibits and other marketing materials for your use. We’ll also supply you with the distinctive Cabin in the Woods logo, for your use, as long as you are a Cabin in the Woods builder distributor.

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